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Secure Commerce Brokerage

Secure Trade Brokerage Services

DomainPanda.com's secure trade brokerage service, which is offered to your service, provides to facilitate the financial processes between both buyers and sellers and to perform these processes safely.

Step 1: A Domain Name Sales Contract enters into force

The parties agree to a professional agreement and sign a contract under the laws relating to the sale of the domain name. The sales agreement can be viewed and approved from your DomainPanda.com account.

Step 2: Make a Payment to Safe Trade Brokerage Account

The buyer makes the payment of the agreed amount in a preferred form of payment such as bank transfer or credit card.

Step 3: Technical Domain Name Transfer

For the fast and secure transfer of domain names, DomainPanda.com works with both the parties and the registrar companies of related parties during the transactions. DomainPanda.com Transfer and Secure Trade Service is valid for the domain name of the transaction. The transfer of the content of the relevant web pages or of any additional negotiated items is left to the discretion of the parties.

Transfer Assistance Service is optional.
The Transfer Assistance Service allows the transfer of the domain name to the preferred company and the transfer process is carried out at no extra charge.
Users can benefit from this service for 200 TL at the beginning or during the transfer process according to their preferences.

Step 4: Payment to Seller

DomainPanda.com makes the seller payment within 7 (seven) days after the seller confirms that the sold domain name has been transferred to the buyer.

  • Transfer and Secure Trade Brokerage Service is free of charge for domain names sold through DomainPanda.com.

  • DomainPanda.com has legal arrangements that provide legal protection for both buyers and sellers.

  • DomainPanda.com acts as a secure financial intermediary, ensuring a secure payment.

  • DomainPanda.com provides personal assistance services to prevent your domain name from being lost due to a technical failure, fraud or similar problems.

  • DomainPanda.com invoices the service to the requesting party as 3% commission on the agreed sales price for the external secure trade transactions of the sales outside of its digital market.

For more detailed information about fees, minimum commissions and services, see our price list.

Domain Name External Secure Trade Service

If you are a domain name buyer or seller, you can still benefit from external secure trade service provided by DomainPanda.com, even if you have not made the transaction within the DomainPanda.com digital marketplace. In order to benefit from external secure trade brokerage services, you can send the following information to iletisim@domainpanda.com by e-mail.

  • Domain Name

  • Agreed Fee (TL/USD/EURO)

  • Seller's Full Name and Email Address

  • Buyer's Full Name and Email Address

  • Seller's DomainPanda.com Username

  • Buyer's DomainPanda.com Username

  • Confirmation of whether the domain name transfer is private or public.

  • Determination and notification of the party who will pay the commission fee of DomainPanda.com. (3% Commission on the agreed price)

If you sell on a different platform, DomainPanda.com continues to receive a successful sales service fee of 0 TL if a transfer and secure trading service is applied for the sale of a domain name listed on DomainPanda.com.

You can contact our DomainPanda.com Secure Trade Brokerage Team to start using DomainPanda.com external secure trade brokerage services or to ask your questions.

For information on how we use your data under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), visit: Data Privacy